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Q: Can I be hypnotized?
A: As long as you are willing to allow yourself to relax and follow instructions, yes you can be hypnotized.
Are there side effects?
     Just a huge urge to laugh and smile at all the fun you are having.
Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?
     Absolutely not, if Alex were to leave the room, you would come out of Hypnosis on your own.
Will I do something I will be ashamed of after?
     Alex doesn't do shows where his volunteers will do embarrassing things.
Are there any long term effects?
     Alex likes to give his stage volunteers a gift for being the stars of the show by leaving them with a special subliminal suggestion that will leave them with positive after effects.
Can anyone be Hypnotized?
     Everyone with the exception of children and people with severe mental illness can go into Hypnosis.
Will I remember what I did on stage?
     You will remember everything you did and will feel great about being the best part of the show.
Q: Will I remember if I volunteer?
A: Simply... Yes
I make it a point to allow my volunteers to remember as soon as the show is done, so they can have even better memories of the event than those who watched it and didn't volunteer.
Q: Can anyone learn to be a Hypnotist?
A: Yes. If you have no fear of public speaking, the rest is just training and experience. Alex gives courses in Hypnotherapy & Stage Hypnosis.
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